Welcome to Russia!

About us

Russian Friends Capital (RFC) was founded in 2011 by a group of professionals committed to encouraging investments in Russian economy. 

We have combined our knowledge, investment expertise and real economy experience to manage high-return private equity investment funds in Russia and CIS.The key goal behind this project - to ensure access for investors to high-quality and promising assets in growing Russian economy to profit on high-yield investments.

 Russian Friends Capital aims to facilitate growth and modernization of the economy and to improve investment climate in the country.


«To promote global economic growth by making investments in assets that facilitate economic growth in Russia and CIS and foster business activity in all sectors».

Strategic goals:

- Constantly increase and strengthen positions in the funds’ portfolio markets

 diversify funds’ assets based on characteristics of a region

 maintain high growth rate in value of funds’ assets

- Ensure highest possible returns on assets in funds’ portfolio

- Establish high standards of corporate governance